Wastes energy worrying about prospecting


Over analyzes, under acts, confuses knowing with doing

Hyper Professional

Overly concerned with image, considers ordinary prospecting demeaning

Stage Fright

Fears making presentations to groups (small, large or both)

Sales Role Rejection

Conflicted or embarrassed to be in sales


Fears appearing too pushy or intrusive

Social Self- Consciousness

Intimidated by up market prospects


Uncomfortable networking through friends

Emotionally Unemancipated

Uncomfortable networking through family

Referral Aversion

Uncomfortable asking for referrals


Uncomfortable prospecting on the telephone

Oppositional Reflex

Resists anyone who tries to manage, coach, advise or train

Twelve Types of Sales Call Reluctance®


From The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You’re Worth in Sales

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