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(Dallas, TX) – Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc. poses the question once again in the recently released fifth edition of The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You’re Worth in Sales.

Behavioral scientists and best-selling authors George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson have found that performance alone does not determine success – today, success also requires self-promotion. Some of the best salespeople, highest paid professors, most quoted scientists and most powerful executives did not attain their positions by being the most technically competent. They did it through purposeful self-promotion. In The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance, the authors rely on their scientific research and international reputation for down-to-earth theories and practical advice developed during the 30 years they have spent studying this subject to get the message across.

For a fortunate few, self-promotion is an instinct that comes easily. These so-called “natural self-promoters,” include Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, and Dr. Phil.  Like top-notch salespeople and empire building entrepreneurs everywhere, they seize the opportunities to make themselves visible – anytime, anywhere.


For others – often the most loyal, motivated and deserving – self-promotion is emotionally difficult. They are rendered invisible by a spirit-crushing condition the authors call the fear of self-promotion.


Dudley and Goodson have discovered that this fear of self-promotion manifests itself into a common phenomenon they term “call reluctance,” which limits salespeople from achieving their full career potential. In The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance the authors offer practical exercises and innovative techniques to help people recognize and overcome the self-limiting behaviors that keep them from earning what they’re worth. Although written primarily for salespeople, anyone who has to practice visibility management to get ahead can benefit from reading this book.


The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You’re Worth in Sales is published by Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc. and is available in bookstores nationwide.


So when was the last time you asked for a raise?



Jeanne Ketchersid