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New Research on Sales Excuses

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Shy Salespeople.pdf

New Research: Shy Salespeople?

DALLAS, April 7 –

It’s infuriating! Having to endlessly wait - or clear your throat melodramatically - to get the attention of a salesperson is the ...                          



Career women’s worst enemies

SINGAPORE - WOMEN are their own workplace enemies when it comes to cracking the glass ceiling, with an international study finding they are less likely to promote themselves and network than their male counterparts....

SYDNEY -  AUSTRALIAN salespeople are among the most honest in the world, or at least less prone to exaggeration than most.  An international study of more than 140,000 people found ...

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The Sydney Morning Herald

BaylorBusiness:  Research Report

March 26–

Wait...I’ll Do My Prospecting Right After I...  Why do people go into sales? To make money. But, that doesn’t make it wrong or improper.